A positive impact on youth culture

Sole Technology is a globally recognized leader in authentic action sports footwear and apparel that is available in more than 70 countries and is one of the largest private action sports companies. The company’s holdings include top brands — etnies, éS, Emerica, ThirtyTwo and Altamont.

My goal is to leave the right footprint with Sole Technology. We’ve become a leader through the intelligence and hard work of our team of people. We strive for innovation and excellence in all we do. Together, we keep growing the right way in a healthy organic process. - Pierre-André Senizergues, Sole Technology Founder and Owner

Our action sports footwear, apparel and accessories are renowned for comfort, style, function, innovation and durability. Sole Technology is the first and only footwear company owned and operated by a former world champion skateboarder. All Sole Technology products are created by action sports enthusiasts. They are truly authentic.

By consistently delivering innovation in performance, technology and style for over two decades, Sole Technology has grown into one of the most influential action sports footwear and apparel suppliers among core action sports retail stores worldwide.

Sole Technology Founder and CEO Pierre-André Senizergues is passionate about action sports, youth culture, environmental responsibility and entrepreneurial endeavors. An industry leader, Sole Technology has proven these values can prosper in a corporate culture. Sole Technology is committed to positively impacting the global youth community through involvement in events and causes supporting a fun and active lifestyle, individual integrity and style, and global values and sensibilities.